December 28, 1998

        Let's walk through another painting based on the ReDiscovery '98 research trip.

         When I work on my smaller paintings, I'm always trying new techniques. I have always been fascinated with water, the textures, the reflections, the colors, the sparkle, etc. In the painting The Red Pirogue Under Sail, I wanted to experiment with the way sunlight dances on the surface of the water on a windy mid-day time period. While on my trip, I observed this scenario many times.

          Follow along as I paint for you.


      The first thing in all works is a good sound drawing and composition followed by a rough under painting to establish color, tonal qualities, and contrast.


         After the under painting, I start building the finish areas of the painting. The image to the left above displays a finished sky and a second under coat for the water. The painting of the water with the glistening sparkles of light is the problem to be solved in this painting. In the image to the right above, you can see the dot, dot, dot that it will take to build up the texture of the water.


        The water will eventually be composed of thousands of dots. My palette will range into a magenta, many blues, a bright cadmium yellow, and a few whites for the ultimate bright highlight. Not to much white, you can over do it.

       The sail is next. I want the light to shine through the canvas of the sail.


       With a few finishing touches and the addition of the crew, The Red Pirogue Under Sail becomes a finished painting.

Your Captain,

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