November 17,1998

      Your Captain is back at work. And, I would like to share my latest work with you. After pouring over my notes from the big trip, the ideas abound. If I could work on six paintings at a time, I would. However, one foggy morning on the river sticks in my mind. Follow along with the images below.



      Let's take a trip through the painting process. Upper left is the drawing phase. This is a chance to map out the composition of the painting. Upper right is the end of the first day of painting. All I want to do is cover the canvas and find a place to start.



      Left, is a day or two into the work. I have repainted the background. The painting is starting to become a whole. In the painting to the right, a few days have gone by, a few changes made, and a final work is starting to appear. My work as an artist is entertaining. I actually watch the paintings appear before my eyes. Sometimes it is like I have very little to do with the process. I am only an observer.

The framed work is complete.

Your Captain,

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