Foggy Morning on the Missouri River, 1804


Oil and Canvas

Image Size: 11" x 16"

Framed Size: 18" x 23"



Inland Waterways:

The Rivers of Imagination

                  The following works are paintings that were completed on location. They are part of a series of work that I will doing in the future entitled  Inland Waterways: The Rivers of Imagination. As you can see from the photo above, painting on location can be a challenge. I am forced to work faster to capture the moment. Thus, the work takes on a more personal or impressionistic expression. My river studio, the Custom Canvas Cruiser is tied off behind me. When the weather is not cooperating, the CCC is my shelter. It is hard to see, but, Snookiedog is along for this trip. She is laying on the front of the boat just behind me. She is a great friend to take on a river painting trip.


Missouri River Island


Oil on Canvas

Image size: 9"x12"

Framed size: 16" x 19"



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