November and December 2009


December 18, 2009


Yes, I know. I'm falling down on the job. Work is taking place in the studio. I just forget to tell you about.
Yours truly is hard a work on that secret project. Note the activity going on above. Yes, I'm on my way the
attic.....and, a dirty job it is. You will be surprised to see what I am up to. Looks like Petie is too.


December 5, 2009

I'm making some changes to my first concepts for my secret project. Yes, another teaser. Another little clue:
Looks like this will be my Michelangelo moment.


November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving is over, and, yes I am about four pounds heavier. I will be watching what I eat for the next few days.
Today is back to my project. Bear with me on the announcement of the true nature of the project....will try to give
hints from time to time.


November 24, 2009

Many friends have been asking me what I am working on now. Well, the project is secret at this time. The
above photo is a little teaser.

November 21, 2009

Saturday and I am working in the gallery today. Enclosed are a few photos of the gallery. Sandy does a great job of
decorating for Christmas.


A wave from Joyce and Sandy at the base of stairs. And, the upstairs gallery.......Ho! Ho! Ho!

Another beautiful day in the gallery.

November 19, 2009

I am back in the studio after spending some time with my friends at Southeast Missouri State University in
Cape Girardeau. Yes, I graduated from Southeast in 1971. I was asked to present a lecture dealing with
the establishment of art as a career. I am so pleased to have had a standing room only crowd...lots of young faces looking
for answers. I only wish I had more time to spend with the students....thanks for the great questions. Also, thanks to
the faculty and foundation members for their warm welcome.

Sam Bishop and I before my lecture. Sam and I go back 48 years. He was my 7th and 8th grade art teacher at
Caruthersville, Missouri. This was his first teaching position. When I went on to high school, Sam moved up to a position there.
He was again my art instructor. When I went to school at Southeast, Sam moved on to a teaching position
at the University. I didn't have him for any studio classes. However, I did have him for art history.
Great memories, Sam, thanks for coming to the lecture.

Standing room only........great bunch of kids. By the way, those of you out there looking for a good affordable college,
look no further. A great education can be had at Southeast for a fraction of the cost demanded by the big name....
OVERRATED.....colleges. Southeast has a great faculty and friendly, bright students. Costs are $10,000 to $12,000 per year.
That beats the $40,000 to $60,000 at the overrated U's.

Give them a below

Southeast Missouri State University

Another beautiful day in the classroom.


November 16, 2009

Visited the River Rover this weekend. Very sad to see the fall fade into winter. The other
boat owners were putting the finishing touches into their winterizing jobs. We are turning the
river over to the eagles and water birds for a few mouths.

November 13, 2009

I am using this Friday the 13th to mix a new palette. Once I mix a palette, it is good for about
ten days. My palette is home made. I like to have room when I mix my paints. This one is about
twenty-five years old....a piece of glass on a piece of plywood painted light gray.

Another beautiful day in the studio


November 12, 2009

Petie says, come on Dad let's play some ball. All you do is work. That is no fun. I'm bored.


November 11, 2009

I worked on my lecture for Southeast yesterday. I have an hour to tell a 38 year story....can't be done.
I will have to give a Reader's Digest version and hope to hit the high spots. What I've learned about the
art business over the last 38 years will fill a book. The sad thing about colleges, as it relates to the arts, is
the academics fill the kids' heads full of mush about this abstract world of make believe art and forget to teach how
to make a living so they can pay their bills. I have many opinions about that subject. However, I will save them for
another day. I will cover the basics on the 18th......hope the students and faculty are listening. I'll talk more
about education at a later time. If you have any thoughts on my Captain's Log subjects, e-mail me.
I will try to answer. See address at bottom of this page.

Another beautiful day on the river.

PS. I have a complaint to make. Marlene, the head of our framing department, made a great
dessert yesterday to share with all of us at lunch. She said it was a diet dessert.......she lied.
I gained two pounds overnight.


November 10, 2009

A favorite time of the day on the river is sunset. It seems the removal of the normal building clutter and the expanse
of the river before you draws more attention to the colors, lights, and textures of the setting sun. One of my works
created on the River Rover this year features one of those sunsets with the addition of a unique vessel gleaned
from my historic river research, the Tilda-Clara. The Tilda-Clara was a paddlewheel ferry in service at
New Haven, Missouri on the Missouri River in the 1880's. Her engine was rated at four horsepower, literally.
The Tilda-Clara's means of propulsion was four horses walking on inclined treadmill with a chain from
the treadmill to the stern mounted paddle wheel, thus four horsepower.

This work is for sale through the gallery.

Tidla-Clara 1880's

Another beautiful day on the river.


November 9, 2009


Yes, yesterday was Petie's Birthday. Looks like a Happy Birthday boy doesn't he....two years old yesterday.
We went to the River Rover yesterday to do more work to prepare for winter. Petie said it was a great birthday
if only because he was on the river.

Another beautiful day on the river.

November 7, 2009

I'm off to the River Rover for an overnight with Petie...more work to do to prepare for winter.
Temps in the 70's...this weather will not last long.

Yes, a very beautiful day on the river.


November 6, 2009


While at the river this past weekend, I met this couple traveling the Great Circle. The flood forced
them to tie off till the river calms much debris on the water. The Great Circle is
a route that takes the traveler down the Mississippi to the gulf, around Florida, up the eat coast,
across the great lakes, and back down the Illinois River. The sail mast is down for inland travel.
The Great Circle is a 6000 mile voyage. Cindy and Scott Taylor of the 50' sailboat Amazing Grace, a
beautiful vessel, are living the dream of which we would all like to share. Be safe Cindy and Scott.

For those of you that would like to follow their adventure, go to:

Another beautiful day on the river.

November 5, 2009

Sandy and I were able to go to one of the Cardinals' last games....we had great seats as you can
see....the first time I actually looked up at the players.The season is over.....a sad ending.
We still had a great time at the game. The Cardinals will win it all next year.
Just a moment to reflect on the season.
Note the windy day....bad hair hair is not turning gray, it is just turning loose.

Another beautiful day at the ball park.


November 4, 2009



Captain Barry Munsell
26' Hunter

Oil on canvas, 9"x12" image size

While aboard the River Rover this fall, I did a few studies of the boats on the Mississippi.
The above finished work of the sailboat Mardi Gras was inspired by a beautiful, windy fall day.
Captain Barry Munsell is at the helm and firmly in command. His lovely wife Linda and quests
are safely enjoying their cruise.

Another beautiful day on the river.

The Mardi Gras is the cover of this year's gallery catalog. If you would like to
received our free catalog depicted above, please call.....1-800-937-4944 or
e-mail us at for a free catalog and give your address.

November 3, 2009

And you thought the river was just for boating. This pilot stops by
my marina from time to time. Bob, my friend and Captain of Sea Mist,
the boat moored next to the River Rover, won a ride aboard the little yellow sea plane.
Because Bob is a licensed pilot, the pilot of the sea plane let Bob fly and land the little beauty.
Great fun for Bob. The photos were taken this past weekend......beautiful fall colors.

Another beautiful day on the river.

PS.   Looks like the flight wore Bob completely out.


November 2, 2009


A view from our private other words, had to take a boat to get to the boat. The marina is in flood and
Petie has nowhere to go to find a stick. So he goes to the end of the ramp and waits for one to float by.......
smart dog that Petie.The parking lot is under water above. Normally I would park my van beside this ramp.
Petie is a strong swimmer.However, I feel better with his life jacket on with floodwaters up.....don't want Petie
in the same situation as my bird friend below.

Another beautiful day on the river.

November 1, 2009

Petie and I have returned home from a visit to the River Rover. Yes, the Mississippi is in flood.
Above, Petie and I are out in the dingy boat, Little Rover, looking at the flood. The view
above is the entrance to our marina. We are boating where the road is located. With all the
rain the water came up very quickly.

Just another beautiful day on the river.

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