January 16, 2010


Sandy Lucy


A new year has begun. And, a new face enters the field of politics. As we watch the grotesque displays of lies and
deceit in Washington, DC, it is easy to become upset with politics and the system. However, I am personally involved
with a refreshing view of politics as it was meant to be. A view of an individual entering politics with the express
intent to serve.

After a period of intense encouragement from many segments of our community,
my wife Sandy has made the decision to run for Mayor of Washington, Missouri.
If she is successful, she will be the first woman to serve as Mayor of Washington.


Washington is a community of about 15,000. When you go outside the city limits about three miles that number
jumps to about 25,000. Washington is a one of a kind community, great schools, a large and diverse industrial base,
extensive retail development, and a clean and safe environment in which to live. Because Sandy has
lived here all of her life, she takes all these things to heart in her love for Washington.
I know her better than anybody. And, she is making this huge decision for all the right reasons. For once I see an
individual entering politics with no hidden agenda. Her only agenda is to do the right thing for Washington and its citizens.

She was asked about the planks of her platform. She answered that she would not have a platform. A simple platform
is far too unstable and weak for the City of Washington. She is going to create stones for her foundation.
She says there will be five major stones in that foundation:

1. Faith

2. Family

3. Work and Business Ethic

4. Community Service

5. A strong financial backing for the City of Washington, Missouri


Over the last twenty-five years, Sandy has managed the gallery and will continue in that role. However,
she has also served on the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was the
first female President of that organization. She has served as a board member and President of Downtown Washington, Inc.,
on advisory positions too numerous to mention, the foundation board of our local college, and active in the
writing of the Constitution for Charter Government in Franklin County. No, I would never aspire to be that
involved in community affairs. However, the people of our community are fortunate to have a person that is.
For all you armchair politicians out there that have an opinion on every subject that comes down the pike, think about this.
In life you meet Talkers and you meet Doers. There a lot of Talkers but few Doers.
Sandy is one of those Doers.

The following photos depict that lump in your throat and that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when
you walk through the door at City Hall and put your name on the line.

Very few people see this view of the City Clerk, Brenda Mitchell, as they approach and
ask for the paperwork enabling them to apply for the position of Mayor.



The paperwork begins. Yes, this is real.


Like I said to all you armchair politicians out there, this is where the rubber meets the road.


As I watched Sandy sign on the dotted line, I was extremely proud of her. I know how difficult the decision was.

This is a portrait of a Doer not a Talker.

Bless you for what you do, My Dear,


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