Southeast Missouri State University

River Campus Mural

October 1, 2006 - March 1, 2007

       First I would like to apologize for getting so far behind with my updates. I have been very busy painting a mural. And, as I look forward there is much more to do. Time to start on the right side of the mural.


       Above I use a pencil to transfer my drawings to the canvas.


Once the drawings are transferred I proceed to completely underpaint the figures in order to

establish contrast and color.


Underpainting allows me to see how each area will relate to each other.



After underpainting, the final finishing touches are made.



A finishing touch to a patient steamboat passenger.

Do you know the true identity of this model? It's hard to get this one to slow down and be a good artist's model.


An opportunity to see the mural taking shape as a whole.


The right side of the mural is complete except for the two kiddos fishing in the lower right-hand corner. I will not finish them until the bottom maritime river timeline can be finished and the two canvases united. Since the upper bodies of the children would be on one canvas and the legs and feet on another I'll wait to paint the fishermen last.


Finishing touches are being made to the upper panels.

These panels are dedicated to the four different disciplines of the River Campus....Music, Dance, Theatre, and the Visual Arts.

All the best to you,


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