Southeast Missouri State University

River Campus Mural

November 22, 2005 - January 22, 2006

    As I have been working with a river theme for a little over twenty years, I have spent some time studying and painting water. Water is simple, and yet, very complex. Yes I know that is a contradiction. But, the painting of water is a slow and arduous process. The color values and textures are limitless making the process very complicated. The question arises, how far do you push an area before it becomes over worked. Somehow the complication must be simplified so that it flows as a unit.

To create the image of a flowing river the water texture must be built up in a series of dots of paint.

In order to achieve this dotting pattern, broad values of color have to be mixed and applied in a dark to light fashion in relation to the bright reflection of the moon on the water.

Because I move from side to side creating this dotting texture, I use this large hand held palette to travel with me.

My ability to raise and lower the mural on the wall allows me to work from a single standing position.

As the work on the water draws to a close, I begin the final work on the foreground.

I thought this area was going to be easy to finish. I was wrong. It was my hope to finish the center section of the mural on or before January 1. I am past that date and setting my sites on February 15 as a date to finish the center section.

I thought I would be able to do a shorthand notation for the foreground figures. I was wrong. Each figure will have to be completed in far greater detail than I realized.


All the best to you,

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