Southeast Missouri State University

River Campus Mural

Crating and Shipping of the Mural

September 1, 2007 - October 1, 2007



The mural was finished and signed on September 1, 2007. Time to start the process of crating and shipping the

mural to the new River Campus. 2" x 6" boards are being screwed to the edge of the canvas strechers. The plywood will be

attached to the 2" x 6"s


The largest section of the mural is raised into position in the center of the studio and plywood is attached to the 2"x6" framing.


With the crating complete, tomorrow, October 1, 2007, is shipping day.

Last minute instructions on how to handle the crated mural in the move.

Please note the marvelous turnout of friends to help with the move.

The crate has wheels mounted on the bottom.

All we have to do is roll the mural out the back door and off the porch of the studio.


I would like to take a moment to thank Pete Koch, to the left with the chain pulley.

Pete, a former neighbor of ours, is a retired construction worker who specialized

in the process of lifting heavy objects with cranes on work sites. He made the job

look very easy.


Three years earlier, I drew this process in great detail to make sure the mural would

fit through the door. Everything went as planned.


The moment of truth. The crane operator now has the full weight of the mural. It is out of my hands.


Just shove it off the back porch of the studio.

When I got up at 3 o'clock that morning to check the weather conditions, the wind was bending the

tops of the trees. However, an hour or so before the move the wind completely died. Must have

been because my friend Father Sigmund was on site. The move would not have been possible with the wind.


Perfect fit in the trailer.


The mural was the only item shipped in the trailer.

Safely in the River Campus, I begin the uncrating process.

Please note my very talented assistant. Sandy said she needed some work gloves in order to help in the moving

process. So, we went to hardware store to find the proper size, very small. I picked out a nice pair of brown gloves. However,

Sandy's eyes were attached to this fashionable pair of red work gloves. She has used them many times since the move. They are

actually starting to look like work gloves.


Uncrated and ready to be installed.



All the best to you,



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