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Decorating the Perfect Tree, ca. 1870

  One of the joyous times of the Christmas season is depicted in this holiday painting "THE FAMILY EVENT: Decorating the Perfect Tree, ca. 1870". Imagine the times past, when cutting and decorating the tree were the major highlight of the Christmas season for the entire family. Everyone gathered as they set the tree in its special place, then carefully unwrapped each ornament and hung each treasure so precisely, while enjoying the tree's magical aroma.
     In the painting, the young man and his sister, along with the family dog, have decorated the perfect tree. We now see with the warmth from the candlelight, the detail of each individual handmade ornament, a pristine tree in all its glory.   The children are dressed for the occasion in their finest, the tree is finished, and their minds begin to imagine what they may find under the tree on Christmas morning.
     One last detail remains, where will they place the best and most perfect ornament on the tree? Note the complete inspection being made by the canine specialist, and judging from the look in her eye and the wag of her tail, this is going to be a perfect Christmas.

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