December 28, 2000

Dear Cybercrew,

       The Christmas Holidays are drawing to a close and I am getting back to the easel. I would just like to bring you up to speed on the current progress of my new painting:  "LEWIS and CLARK: The Departure from the Wood River Encampment, May 14, 1804". At this point, I am considering a suite of paintings to be completed in the next 3 years. The suite will be between 4 and 6 major works dealing with the first 11 days from the Wood River Encampment. My next painting will deal with Lewis and Clark at St. Charles. Each painting will be published. Our plans are, at this point, to sell the low number prints as matching numbers in the form of a suite entitled "LEWIS and CLARK: The Journey Begins". Please contact the gallery if you would like to be listed as a collector for this series of paintings.


      A few weeks ago, work was started on the final painting of the departure from the Wood River encampment. Above you can see how each painting begins with black and white under painting. This stage of the painting maps the work in terms of composition.

       With the under painting complete, I start bringing areas of the work into focus. After the foreground values are defined, I start the finish work on the sky. I find the foreground values of light and dark are the keys in defining the look of the finished sky pattern for all my landscape works. The above image depicts the current status of the painting. The sky and the far river bank are complete.

Detail of Sky Patterns

       In all of my 30 years of painting, the sky tends to be one the most difficult areas of the work. Why? I think it is because the sky is the first permanent area of the painting to be completed. Also, every other area in the painting must relate to the sky. Too detailed and it overwhelms the details of the subject. Too light or dark in value and once again the subject can be compromised.

Detail of Background

      At first glance, the trees in the background appear to be a grayish green. However, as the above image details, you will find the area to be a mix of many pastel colors blended into a constant neutral mass. The work will continue, and, you will receive updates as your Captain can produce them.

      As your Captain, I send wishes for all the best in the coming year. I hope you and your crew had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Your Captain,

   Click here to go to work dealing with a study on the hat worn by the men.

Other works I have completed dealing with the Lewis and Clark

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Foggy Morning, 1804

Traveling Up the Missouri River, 1804

Traversing the River

Descending the Ohio River Under Sail, 1803


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