School of the Ship

August 18, 2002


       All new crew members were asked to attend the School of the Ship. The School is an oppurtunity to meet and be briefed by the Captain, as well as, be briefed in the basic functions of the ship and its safety measures.

     Captain Ivan Luke is our Commanding Officer.

       Captain Luke is addressing the future Coast Guard Officers of the Officers Candidate School. I was very lucky to be aboard with this outstanding group of young people, the best and the brightest this country has to offer. I am told that over 5000 applications are received each year. However, less than 200 applications are approved Officer Candidates.

School begins with:

The training of a 'wanna be' sea going Artist.

This little outfit is a survival suit commonly referred to as a "gumby suit", a reference to the cartoon character. The most endearing quality of the "gumby suit" is the smell that just stays with you the rest of the day. The inside just never seems to dry out. Well you can get the rest of the smelly picture. However, if one were adrift at sea dressed as Mr. Gumby the smell would be the last thing you would worry about because the suit would save your life.

This young person is kindly teaching this old dog a new trick or two, the proper way to belay a line.

The following is a series of photos Sandy shot of yours truly completing the up and over exercise. That is me, the civilian in shorts and a white shirt.


The object is to climb half way up the forward mast and return, about a 70ft climb.

The tricky part was that first step on the way down. You can't see where you are stepping; and, you're glad to find firm footing as you reach around the platform.

Yes, good to be back on the firm deck in one piece.

Sandy poses for a photo with the Captain. Captain Luke is the perfect man for this job. He most assuredly has the smile for it.

School is over for the day; and, we depart tomorrow.

Sandy and I are going to take the afternoon and visit the sites of Boston.


The best to you, shipmates

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