Departure from Boston Harbor

August 19, 2002


A photo of the lonely wife left on the shore longingly awaiting the return of her sailor.

Actually, she is saying to herself, good riddance.


A little help to get away from the dock. Notice the canvas used as to not mark the white hull of eagle.

Our escort out of Boston Harbor.

A sign of the times. Yes, he is locked and loaded and was serious about his business.

Once at sea, sail stations are called and the sails unfurled.

One of the reasons I wanted to travel aboard Eagle was to witness the true art of the sailor. This is the way the oceans of the world have been traveled for hundreds of years. To watch the young men and woman climb those masts was always an impressive experience.

Eagle is manned and sailed as the old sailing vessels of a hundred years past. This is one of the reasons I wanted to have the time aboard Eagle. No power winches here, Heave - Ho.

Teaching again. Navigation this time.

Hands performing the same task as hands aboard ships for hundreds of years.

I have always enjoyed the process of navigation. To watch the process and the implementation of the course directives was a finely choreographed procedure.

Our first beautiful day at sea.

The best to you, shipmates

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