Boston Tour

August 17, 2002

My first view of Eagle as she was tied off at the dock in Boston

       My long awaited trip aboard Eagle is about to begin. The above photo was my view of her as Sandy and I found her today. Her flags were flying on high; and, you could tell she was bursting with pride. She brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. My trip aboard Eagle will be an educational research voyage. I will try to take you from bow to stern during my ten days at sea, however, as I told you, Sandy is with me here in Boston and we plan to see this city rich with historic integrity.

      Our tour begins in Boston harbor with the main focus on a tour of the USS Constitution. The USS Constitution has been in service to our country for 204 years and is still listed in active duty by the US Navy. A tour is in order:


Our view of her from the harbor.


     As you board the USS Constitution you are greeted by the beautiful carving of the Eagle and Anchor. The attention to detail and pride in which she is displayed is to be admired. The USS Constitution is a warship built in 1797 to defend the United States. And, she is still a commissioned Navy vessel. Click here to learn more about the USS Constitution.


      The cannons on the top deck were equaled by the guns of the next level below.

This is a view of the capstan below deck.

A view of her port side rigging and gun implacements.


The USS Constitution is a must visit if you are in the Boston area.

       Sandy and I are going to take the walking tour tomorrow. Bring your comfortable shoes, and, we will follow the Freedom Trail.

       I will leave you today with a photo of three young men providing entertainment in the downtown market area. Yes, their instruments are 5 gallon plastic buckets and an assortment of pots and pans. However, the sound they were producing was outstanding. Please note the bucket sitting right side up to the right of the photo. The name of the tune they were playing was "Put your money in the bucket". We did place a few dollars in their bucket, and, we thought it was money well spent.

The best to you, shipmates

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